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Hot Baseball Sports Betting From New Jersey – Are They Any Good?

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Hot Baseball Sports Betting From New Jersey – Are They Any Good?

When people think of Pennsylvania sports betting, they often think of football and baseball. The Biggest Football Conference in the country, the National League East and the Eastern Conference are located in the state. The Nittany Lions is the only conference team to make the playoffs every year since the Bowl Championship Series was started in Franchisor’town, Pennsylvania sixties. Penn State and college hockey are some of the other popular sports in the area. Football is so dominant in the area that Penn State has the richest athletic department in the entire world with several national titles including the College Football Championship and NCAA championships.

Pennsylvania sports betting has developed quite a bit over the past few years as well. There are now online sportsbooks in all of the major cities in the state including Pittsburgh, Hershey, York, Reading and Carlisle. In late January, Pennsylvania will be one of the first states in the nation to open a sports betting season with the implementation of a new law allowing gambling at state-regulated casinos. Pennsylvania sports betting has become live and legal in casinos, racetrack and satellite areas across the state.

The first major development in Pennsylvania sports betting came about when the state legislature passed House Bill 1101, which legalized gambling in the state. This new law allows for professional sports wagering by humans as well as by machines. In other words, anyone who participates in a game of football, hockey, baseball, basketball or soccer can place bets on either team playing, the result of the game or even if the game is canceled. The new law also allows for state-regulated gaming, including progressive slots and video poker machines. Casinos are not allowed to participate in sports wagering.

According to Philadelphia sports betting attorney, Robert Raftery, “The new law in Pennsylvania opens up new opportunities for Pennsylvania sports bettors. For the first time ever, professional sports bettors in this state will be able to take their sports betting to the house. The only thing that limits them now is the location where they wish to participate. The new law in Pennsylvania makes it possible for people in all 50 states to wager on professional sporting events.”

The state’s first professional sports betting event took place in the state’s largest city, Philadelphia, at the Pasta Station in July, 2006. There were more than thirteen hundred bettors and three hundred machines at the event, which was won by eventual champion businessman, Bill Polizzi. Although only one of the seven hundred and seventy-five machines was running, the crowd that came to see the match and watch polizzi win seemed to be made up of mostly professionals. As betting from all over the world continues to increase in popularity, it is interesting to see where the betting industry is going next.

According to Philadelphia Inquirer, “Some insiders say the reason for the recent boom in online sports betting isn’t because there are more games being played now, but because there are more outlets for people to look through when looking for something to bet on. Right now there are a few hundred outlets in Pennsylvania, compared to eight hundred in Texas. These days people looking for a sports betting window don’t have to travel to a sports book in New York or Atlantic City to find one. Now they can look up a game in their hometown or a website in Pennsylvania.” That’s right, folks living in Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland and other outlying areas can wager on any game being played anywhere in the country. In the case of meadows casino’s business might suffer a little, but it is still a booming industry.

While online betting is taking over the United States, offshore sites are taking over the world as the best way to place a sports bet. With the current poker tilt in international politics, many political leaders have gotten into the ring, setting up government backed online betting sites in order to take advantage of the newly found currency. The House and Senate approved a bill last March that would let state officials regulate sports gambling, opening the doors to offshore sites from all around the world. With the ever increasing popularity of live events, political interference in the realm of sports betting might not be so bad after all.

It will be interesting to see how things evolve in the new jersey as states struggle with the new landscape of legalized sports gambling. There are concerns about the legitimacy of online gambling in the State of New Jersey. Gambling is legal in the state, but only if it is done within the confines of a casino. If you are worried about the new gamer laws in New Jersey, it may be best to stick to playing cards at home or at your closest casino. Online gaming is here to stay, and if Pa betting sites can claim to offer the best odds across the board, then they are certainly on their way to success.